Wednesday, June 29, 2022

My name - Ojo!

Hi friends, Ojo here! 

I had a Special Request from Beau and his person! They want to know why my name is Ojo!

First I will share with you that my name was not always Ojo. I was born in Alabama. Did you know that? I lived on the streets, and then I went into Animal Shelter. The people at Animal Shelter named me Wilhelmina. Can you imagine?!?!

This is the first picture of ME that my people ever saw, when my name was Wilhelmina and I was still living in Kenmore County, Alabama. (I've always liked lying in the grass!)

I was turned into a Canadian citizen by the people at Dog Bless Rescue. When my forever-people brought me home they decided I needed a new name.

This is the first picture my people ever took of ME, just after I got my new name - OJO!!!

I am named after a little girl Muppet in the show "Bear in the Big Blue House" which my littlest person (who is now Very Tall) used to watch when she was still very little. I have never seen this Bear in the Big Blue House, but the people tell me that the little bear Ojo gets into lots and lots of trouble. 

(I don't know why they picked this name for me... I never get into any trouble!)

And that is the story of how I got my name!

How about you, friends? How did you get your names?


MadSnapper said...

thank you Ojo, for sharing your story. Bear is adorable and so are you and I thought you were a BOY bear. ha ha, now we know you are Ojo the beautiful girl. We know all about rescue shelters and are so happy you found your furever home. it fits you perfect. I found this before I read your post.
In case you didn't realize that "ojo" literally means "eye," the good nun points to her eye as she speaks. In Argentina, this is a very common gesture that means, "careful!" or "watch out!". In fact, you can silently point to your eye without saying a word and still be understood to be issuing a warning.

Your name in Spanish means you pretty girl

Molly the Airedale said...

You definitely look more like an Ojo than a Wilhelmina! The orange Ojo is so cute - just like you are!

Millie and Walter said...

It was fun to learn how you got your name and how you became a Canadian dog, too. Walter was given his name by his foster mom and our pawrents liked it for him. Millie was named Midnight by the rescue (she is mostly black and they let their youngest child name her) but our pawrents wanted a 2 syllable name so they went with something close to her original name to make the transition easier.

C.L.W.STEP said...

That was a great story! You are so lucky to have found your forever home so far from where you originally came from.

Ruby Rose and the Big Little Angels 3 said...

It is a great name.

Fay said...

What a perfect name for you Ojo! In our "pack," we try to honor dogs we have known and loved by using their name, or a version thereof. A few of our cardis came with their name, as they are co-owned with my Canadian cousin. All of our dogs have multiple nicknames!

Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs said...

A cool and wonderful tale from start to which we meant the naming process. At furst, we too thought you were a man-dog...BOL!

Happy Canada Day!