Friday, November 3, 2017

Jacobi and the Bad Good Bad Good Day

Dear friends,

I had a Bad Good Bad Good Day.

Bad Thing Number One

The first Bad Thing happened last night.

Last night there was something Bad with my crate-den. At bedtime I did not want to go inside.

My person did not listen. She insisted that I go in, and because I am a Good Dog I went into by crate-den for her. But as soon as she shut the door I started banging with my paw to be let out.

My person let me out, but she did not understand. She took me outside to pee again. I did not need to pee again. She led me to the water bowl in case I needed to drink. I did not need to drink.

Then she told me to go back into my crate-den. I refused.

At this point, friends, I must admit that we got annoyed with each other. I kept trying to tell her that there was something BAD with my crate-den. My person disagreed. She put her head inside to look and smell, and she said it was fine. It was NOT FINE.

It was BAD.

After many minutes of disagreeing I began shaking and I tucked my tail. By now both my people were awake, and finally they decided to listen. They took the donut bed from downstairs up into their room and invited me to sleep there instead. (Meanwhile, Ojo went to sleep in her crate-den. Hers was fine. It was just mine that was BAD.)

However, it turned out that the donut bed was not good either.

And so I climbed into bed between my people. My person asked me to go back into my donut bed. I am a Good Dog, and I did. I waited forever (about two minutes), and then I climbed back into bed between my people.

They didn't understand - everything was Bad! The only safe place was right in between my people!

But my person disagreed. You see, sometimes I leak pee. This is not my fault. It just happens. But my person still sent me back to my donut bed. She put her hand in the bed on my back, and then finally I could lie down. And then finally I could go to sleep.

Ojo thinks there was a ghost in my crate-den last night. She did not mind - black dogs are friends with ghosts, you know - but I did not like it.

So that was Bad.

Mischief Interlude

This part of the story is only sort of Bad, and it is Ojo's fault.

When our person went to put our collars on this morning so we could go on our walk, she discovered that Ojo had decided to leave her tags in the bushes yesterday. This meant that we had to stop at Place One to get a new license for Ojo, and then we had to stop at Place Two to get a new ID tag for Ojo.

Ojo is very bad. This was Big Mischief, and it meant our walk took forever to happen!

Good Thing Number One

But then, something Good! Something better than Good! Something amazing! Wonderful!

Last night it SNOWED!!!

Snow is my favourite thing in the whole world! There was only a little bit at our house, but my person knew where to find more. So I forgave her for not listening last night when I said my crate-den was Bad, because look how much snow she found for us!

We sniffed! We ran! We chased snowballs!

This is a picture of Ojo, but if you look in the very top corner you can see ME! My bum is in the air because I am about to roll in the snow. Did I mention that I love snow??? It's the Best Thing Ever!

Bad Thing Number Two

But then, another Bad Thing.

My belly decided it did not want breakfast any more. Instead, my breakfast wound up out of my tummy and in the snow.

This was Very Bad.

My person did not even let me eat it again! She put it in a bag, and put it in the poop-bin. And so I was not happy with my person again.

Good Thing Number Two

But I have forgiven my person once again, because there was another Good Thing. This Good Thing is that dinner tonight was boiled chicken and rice! And also some peas, and also some pumpkin. This felt very nice in my tummy, and my tummy is happy again.

So there is the story of my Bad Good Bad Good day, with some Mischief from Ojo. I would like tomorrow to be all good, please. Maybe there will be more snow?


Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

That was quite a day...well, night and day. We think the good out-weighed the bad, though...AND chicken and rice for dinner. That always makes a day great. And you had some snow....

Duke said...

You are such a good girl, Cobi! I love the picture of your hiney in the Aire as you're about to roll in the glorious snow!

Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

Poor Cobb. We think the the bad thing in the crate hurt your tummy. We hope you are feeling better. Please keep the snow for a bit longer.

C.L.W.STEP said...

Gee, I hope whatever the bad thing was that was in your crate does not come back!

WFT Nobby said...

This was a very eventful day - it was hard to keep up with all the good and bad things! But I am very envious of your snow. Here I can see some snow on top of the hills but Gail says we do not have time to climb up there so I will have to make do with mud here at base camp instead. Actually I quite like mud, but not so much all the paw washing that comes later.
Toodle pip!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Wow, that's a lot of good and bad to keep up with! The good did seem to be more than the bad (glad your tummy is better!) and I love that you had fun in that snow! But your crate den is a real mystery. We've had that happen too, and it's a true mystery -- I hope it all gets figured out, that you get your rest and I hope you have a good week! Take care, friends!!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I hope you have more good days, and not bad days.