Thursday, February 16, 2017

My New Job! (by Ojo)

Hi hi hi! Ojo here! I have a new job!

You may recall that I lost my previous employment last spring. I used to be a Rat Catcher! This was a great job - stimulating, fun, close to home...

You see, we used to have chickens living in our yard, and under the chickens was a Rat Town. The ratties liked to eat the chicken feed, so they were very happy living there. But the people were not so happy. So my job was to keep the rattie population under control. I ran patrols every day, dug up nests, and I caught whatever ratties I could! My record was eleven ratties in one week, and my personal best was six ratties in one day!

But then Mother Raccoon took the chickens to feed her babies, and with no chicken feed in the yard anymore all the ratties went away.

I had no more job.

As the humans will attest to, unemployment is not a good thing. I found myself bored and had lots of extra energy. So I tried self-employment for a while.

The job I found for myself was barking at the raccoons and squirrels in the Big Oak Tree! I thought this was a pretty good job, but my people were not so keen on it.

So my person helped me find a new job! Now I am employed as a Thing Finder!

My person has been helping me train for this. I'm still a novice, but I'm getting better all the time! When we go out on Walks, I find the things that the people lose. So far I have found gloves, a water bottle, a hat, a washcloth, a plastic clip, the end of an umbrella, a whole umbrella, a fork, and car keys!

Here I am finding a dish cloth!

So if you ever come walking with us and you lose your sunglasses or wallet or keys, I will find them for you! Because that is my official employment - a Thing Finder!

And it's a good thing I can do this, because my person seems to lose at least two or three objects every time we Walk. She's very clumsy. Sometimes she even loses the same thing two or three times in a row! Silly humans!

I am very happy with this job. When I come home from our Walk I am satisfied and tired, and I sleep for hours. It is good to have a job.

Do you have a job?


Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Our job is to bark and keep people away from our door, or tell HER when a delivery person comes. Guess what, we find stuff all the time for HER, we've found lots of stuff! Keep up the good job, Ojo--and keep barking at the raccoons and squirrels.

Kinley Westie said...

Sounds like a good job!

My job is Growler-in-Chief.

Molly the Airedale said...

A thing finder is an awesome job to have, Ojo! It's rewarding for you and for the peeps! Make sure you look for money so you can head to the store to buy your own treats!

Zoe said...

Yu are so gud at yur new job! An' yu luv it!
my job - barkin'.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Your new job is so cool. Those raccoons and squirrels need yelling at
Lily & Edward

Sherry said...

That is exactly what happened at our house! The chickens have been gone for two years. We keep squirrels out of the yard and let Mom know about every activity in the houses across the street. For some reason, this does not make her happy.
Emily & Miro

acd6pack said...

We're impressed that you left the chickens alone! That would NEVER happen here. Good for you for getting a new job, its great to be busy.