Saturday, October 25, 2014

Wet Grass Woes

Friends, Nature has started making rain. And rain makes the grass wet. 

I hate wet grass. (Do you hate wet grass too? It doesn't bother Ojo at all, but then we all know she's weird.)

The other night I went outside to pee because it was time for our long sleep in our crate-dens. But I could not pee because the grass was very wet and my paws do not like the wet grass. Usually, since my person stays inside, I sneak into the garden and pee on the dirt. Or sometimes I sneak around the side of the house and pee on the concrete.

But somehow my person caught on to me, and so that night she stood outside, watching. She told me "no cobi" when I went to pee in the garden. She told me "no cobi" when I went to pee on the leaves on the concrete. 

She wanted me to pee in the grass. 

This was very mean! I did not know what to do!

But then - RACCOON!!! It was in the big tree across the yard! I forgot all about the wet grass and ran to the tree!! Bark bark bark!!!

The raccoon got away, but now I was on the other side of the yard. At first this was okay, because there was dirt there, under our big oak tree, And so I peed. Ahh, much better.

But then. It was horrible. I was STUCK! There was no way back except across the wet grass!

I got stuck there for many minutes. My person called. She coaxed. She brought out treats. But I could not come because there was a whole stretch of wet grass between us!

Finally she put on shoes, and a coat, and she walked across the wet grass. She picked me up and carried me back to the dry deck. She muttered many things that sounded like "dumb dog", but I'm sure she would not say this about me. Would she? 

Anyways, this was much better, and a big relief. I do not know how I would have gotten back otherwise. And I think I should have this service all the time, don't you?

Sigh. What do you do about the wet grass?


C.L.W.STEP said...

Oh dear! Miss Ginger hated walking on the wet grass too!

Unknown said...

OMD RACCOON what fun. No way would my peeps carry me. Good idea Cobi but wet grass doesn't bother us it is the rain itself we don't like. Have a super Saturday.
Best wishes Molly

rottrover said...

Two thoughts, Cobi: first is YOU COULD COME LIVE WITH US! because we're having a drought and it hasn't rained here in like 87 years. And second, we HATE going out in the rain, but we'll stand in our stream or swim or go in the pool any time. We don't know why. We just don't like getting rains on our furs. So we understand. You're lucky that your mom COULD carry you. We're kinda too big. We think you should get to pee on the leaves on the concrete cuz the rain will just wash it away anyway. Rain does that, right??

-Bart, Ruby and Otto

Millie and Walter said...

We don't mind wet grass but, like you, we do get distracted by all the critters that are in our yard. Funny how the wet grass didn't bother you when you chased the raccoon up the tree.

Linda said...

I don't like the wet grass either, so I run back to the porch.
You are lucky your mom can carry you.

xo Cinnamon

Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

Dear Cobi,

We think your people should respect your feelings and roll out a red carpet for you when the grass is wet. We are both ok with wet grass.

Stay dry our dear friend and better luck with the raccoon next time.

Molly the Airedale said...

For some reason, our rude mom thinks this is so funny and she's cackling hysterically! We don't really mind the wet grass, Cobi - it's more when the wet stuffs is falling on our heads!

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I don't like the wet grass either,,, but I do go in it,,, and I hurry very fast.
You need an umbrella maybe.. We get so much rain- it will never stop raining now.