Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fog and strange games

My person is playing all sorts of strange games with me. They are good games because they involve many treats. But they are strange games.

In one game, I need to find the thing that my person drops or throws, and then I need to sit by it. I am not allowed to pick it up with my mouth. I keep trying to sit closer to my person and the treats, but she wants me to sit by the thing. I wonder why?

In another game, my person asks me to walk in a circle around a chair. I wonder why?

In another game, my person puts a box down on the ground. I have to figure out what to do with it. When I get close I get a treat. I now know that I need to stand on it with my front paws and lift my body up high. I think I'm also supposed to move my paws, but I'm still a bit confused. But my person keeps asking me to try. I wonder why?

Today was Mt. Doug day. My littlest person came too. The world went grey and damp. The people called this Fog. Then it started to rain.

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