Sunday, January 16, 2011

UVic Mud Park

Last night we did something called "movie night". I liked this very much. First there was popcorn. I very much love popcorn. Then all of my people settled down quietly with blankets. I had a blanket-den by their feet. It was warm and cozy. For some reason Momma B kept trying to push me over. She said that I had the whole blanket and wasn't sharing. I'm not sure what's wrong with that?

Today Momma B said that we were going to go to "UVic Mud Park". When we got there, it looked a lot like UVic Dog Park. Are you sure this isn't UVic Dog Park, Momma B?

Maybe she was right. There was lots of mud, especially on one side of the park. My feet went gwoosh gwoosh gwoosh. Mother Nature had put a lot of water into the park. She also put sun in the park, and a very big wind. I liked the sun, but I didn't like the very big wind.

This is a "mud puddle". It is a very big mud puddle. It is almost a mud pond.

Momma B, I have had enough wind. Can we move now to someplace less windy?

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