Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pig ear and Dallas Road

This morning Momma B went away without me. So I went with Momma C and my littlest person to the thing called "soccer". Then we drove to a few places in the truck. I had to wait while Momma C and my littlest person went away and came back again, but they did bring me back something wonderful. They called it "pig ear". It was greasy and smelly and crunchy. I ate it when we got home.

When Momma B came home she smelled like lots of other dogs. Puppies again. And treats.

This afternoon Momma B took me to Dallas Road. It was raining, so we only saw a few dogs, but I still had fun.

This afternoon I plan to sleep, maybe lick Puffie for a bit, and then sleep some more. The perfect way to dry off after a rainy adventure.

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