Friday, January 14, 2011

Puddles, puppies and picnics

Today was very rainy again. We went to the sniffing forest. I met a new dog named Smokey. Smokey is still a puppy, but he was fun to play with.

When it was time to find the missing person, Leader opened a bag and in it was the smell of Smokey's person. So I followed his trail. Part of his path was where we had walked before, so I had to use my super nose to tell which was the new trail and which was the old one. No problem. I followed where the new path split from the old one, and there he was in a little house with no walls called "gazebo". He gave me a handfull of meat. Everyone told me how clever I was. I did a happy dance for them.

Then I had to wait in the car for a long time, but at least my person gave me a bone for all of my hard work.

It was very wet. Here are me and Smokey in a puddle.

This afternoon was kind of strange. Momma B took me to Momma C's work, along with woman-who-visits-lots-and-walks-in-forest. We all hung out there together. Momma B sat on the floor and shared a sandwich with me and Katie. Then I left with Momma B. Did we just go there for a picnic?

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