Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sun and Dallas Road

This morning my person went away and left me at home. When she came back she smelled like lots of other dogs. Puppies, actually. I wonder where she goes, and why she doesn't take me with her? I can play with puppies!

Today is sunny. The air is not cold, but the wind is very cold. Since it was raining very hard yesterday, my person decided that Mt. Doug and UVic Dog Park would be too muddy. So we went to Dallas Road instead. This is fine by me!

At Dallas Road I found my friend Finn. Finn likes to chase a ball, and he doesn't mind when I chase him. He just smiles at me.

Excuse me little black dog, but I am kind of busy right now. Can't you see Finn is about to run again?

After Finn had to go home we went for a walk. First we walked up top, then we went down to the beach. It was very windy down at the beach, and the wind was very cold. But I still had very much fun. Plus the wind carried all sorts of interesting smells from far away...

When I look outside now it is cloudy. I think it may rain again. I am glad we got out when it was sunny. I feel very happy now.

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