Sunday, January 9, 2011

Albert at Mt. Doug

This morning I felt sleepy after all of the exercise and work I did the two days before. I spent the morning napping on my mat. My crate-den still hasn't come back.

My person put on her shoes and went away without me. When she came back I checked her shoes to see where she had been. There were only people smells, no beach or forest smells, so I don't think she went anywhere fun. I was happy that I had stayed home sleeping.

This afternoon woman-who-visits-lots-and-walks-in-forest came by. I was happy to see her. She has calm energy, and sometimes we get to go fun places with her. She didn't stay very long, but then my person put on her shoes again and asked me to get in the car. We drove to the house of woman-who-visits-lots-and-walks-in-forest, put her in the car with us, and then we went to Mt. Doug forest.

It was very cold at Mt. Doug today, and even colder when Nature made the wind get stronger.

This is my friend Albert. He is also called Jack-Russell-Border-Collie-Cross.

I usually find Albert at UVic Dog park, but I found him today at Mt. Doug instead. This was very exciting. We played chase-wrestle-chase, and we took turns being dog-who-runs and dog-who-chases. This was very much fun.

The only bad part was when some big dogs came and growled at us and tried to stand on Albert. Our people came in and helped, and then the dogs went away so we got to do chase-wrestle-chase again.

Now I am home and I am even more tired. I will go back to sleep now.

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