Tuesday, January 25, 2011

People, sticks with fire, a dog named Blanche, a box, and a surprise visit from Raven

We had two days that were full of people. All of these people seemed to be interested in my littlest person, and not very many of them were interested in me. There were lots of little sticks with fire at the end, and many boxes wrapped in paper. There were no boxes wrapped in paper for me. Only for my littlest person. I had to sit on my mat on the floor and no one paid attention to me.

A few good things happened though. First I went for a walk with my person and I met a dog named Blanche. Blanche is border collie and she let me run after her. Her person and my person walked and talked for a long time while I ran with Blanche.

The other night my person asked me to stand on a box. Sometimes it was hard to know what she wanted me to do, but when I figured it out she made a click noise and I got yummy food. I like that game.

And the best thing of all is that yesterday I was at work with Momma C when suddenly Raven was there! And her people! They took me into their big car, which is called a van, and we all went to play together. Then they took me back to Momma C. This was fun, but a bit confusing. Why did they go away again so soon? I put myself under Momma C's chair so that she wouldn't disappear too.

I was very happy to see Raven.

Things feel like they are getting back to normal. This is good. Although I would like to see Raven and her people again soon.

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