Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hot little person and Raven surprise

The past few days have been different. My littlest person has been sick. She feels hot when I poke her with my nose. And she spends most of her time in bed.

Yesterday I stayed at home to watch over her with Momma C. I know this was an important job for us, but it was also very boring. The best part was when Momma B came home. She put me in the car and we drove to a field with other dogs. The other dogs were all too big for me, but I got to run by myself and sniff lots of new things.

After that we drove to another place. Momma B took me inside a building. My nose told me that she spends a lot of time in this building. I found the place where she sits. And then after that I found places where lots of other people sit too. It was dark and we were the only ones there. I found some crumbs to lick, and many interesting people smells.

This morning my littlest person is still hot under my nose. She sleeps a lot. Today Momma B is at home watching over her. I have been poking my nose on Momma B - aren't we going to do anything fun today? After all, the littlest person is just in bed. Can't we leave her there and go out to play?

But wait a minute. Who is that coming in our gate. I had better go bark!

Wait! I know those people! I like those people very much! Come Pet me Greet me Play with me! Yay!

And even better! They now bring Raven! Hi Raven! Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!

I play with Raven. She chases a ball outside my house. I chase Raven. This is great!! I am so happy to see Raven!

Raven and her people are going now. They have my crate-den with them. I am going with them. Bye!

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