Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Farms and smells

I went to a farm today. Not my farm, but a different farm. Farm means open spaces and interesting smells. I carefully smeared the most interesting smell across my face so that I could keep it and share it with others.

I'm not sure why Momma C grabbed me by the collar and took the thing called "garden hose" and sprayed it on me. It was very cold. And the worst part is that it made most of the interesting smell go away.

Tonight I went for a walk with Momma B. Half way through our walk I found a very scary smell. Something very bad had happened. I'm not sure what, but it smelled like fear. I put my tail between my legs and shrunk my body down, but I couldn't help but follow the smell. When a car went past I got startled and jumped, and Momma B decided that it was time to move on. Things got okay again when we got away from the scary smell.

And they got even better when we found our alleyway and The Dot came out to play. Chasing The Dot, which comes from Laser Pointer, is hard work. But it's also very much fun. Whew.

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