Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dallas Road and patience

Today I was very tired. I slept a lot. The people were coming and going. Sometimes I went with them, sometimes I didn't. GrandmaAndGrandpa are here. So is man-who-plays. Our house is very busy.

Late in the afternoon Momma B asked me join her in the car. We went to Dallas Road.

Here is Dallas Road.

But that is not a picture of me.

Did I fool you? Did you think that was me? Because it's not! It's someone else!

After meeting big-me, Momma B took me for a walk. I met a dog named Nutmeg. She was chasing a ball, and she didn't mind me chasing her. She was very fast. I almost couldn't keep up.

There was something different in the air today. The air wasn't too cold, and the sun reminded my person of a summer evening. This made both of us feel happy.

I had fun.

When we got home there was a wonderful smell in the house. It was the smell of beef roast. I waited very patiently on my mat while it was cooking, and something called "gravy" splashed onto my dinner. Then I waited very patiently on my mat again while the people were eating... and eating... and eating... And then some pieces of roast fell in front of my nose on the mat. I have learned that it is good to be patient for the people.

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