Sunday, May 1, 2016

Park! (by Ojo)

Hi hi hi! Ojo here!

We visited the Park!

We do not go to the Park very often. Our person says this is because standing around with a pile of other dogs can be too stressful. I suppose I agree... Most often I get into chase games with other Dogs, and when I get overwhelmed I run back to our person and Cobi, and we (me and the other Dogs) wind up crashing into them, and when Dogs crash into Cobi she gets grumpy and starts yelling, and pretty soon everyone is grouchy.

So we do not go to the Park very often.

But we went this day! It was the middle of the day and Park was mostly empty.

But the best part was that our person brought Balls!!!

Here is old-blue-mostly-flat-dora-the-explorer-soccer-ball!

Here is giant-orange-chuck-it-ball! (Kick it please! Kick it!)

And here is slingshot-ball!

So many fun Balls!

Also I met a Dog-friend. We did not run and chase, so Cobi did not get grumpy.

You may not know this about me, but I am actually somewhat small. In human terms, I weigh 32 pounds. This is how big I am compared to a lab.

Here is Cobi with her Ball. Do you see how much smaller it is than my Balls? Mine were better!

Hurray for Park days!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Oh Happy Spring!

Oh Spring!
With your daisies
And fast-growing grass (that we love to munch on)
And warm sun
And fresh breezes

We love you, Spring!

Oh Spring!
I lie in your grass
With my Ball
And I feel happy!

I love you, Spring!

Oh Spring!
You make Ojo go crazy!
She rolls!
She snorts!
She pants!
She rolls some more!

She loves you, Spring!

Oh Spring!
Summer is coming
But we like you better
Because you are not as hot
And your grass is softer
And your breezes are fuller
And your smells are bigger

We love you, Spring!

(And Ojo is crazy. Do you see her rolling behind me with her Ball? Crazy.) (Oh Spring!)

Sunday, April 24, 2016

I did it!!!

Friends, I did it! I caught the Rattie! Me, Cobi!

Yes, this is very serious business. We have crazy-birds called Chickens living in our yard. With the Chickens live Ratties. The Ratties like to live with the Chickens because there is much free food. And right now the Ratties are busy making babies, so their numbers are growing!

We have been on Rat Patrol all week.

Our total count this week is Five. Five Ratties! We're awesome.

Okay, so it is mostly Ojo who catches the Ratties, but I am the helper! I stand at one end, and Ojo at the other, and if the Rattie comes out on my end I chase it into Ojo's mouth. So as you can see I am still a very important part of this!

This morning, however, I was amazing! I was stupendous! I was clever and swift and fast!

This morning the Rattie came out on my side, and instead of chasing it into Ojo's mouth, I chomped down with my own mouth instead.

I caught the Rattie! Me! Cobi! (This is my first Rattie ever!)

I had it by the tail and the back leg. It was fighting very hard, and I did not know what to do, but I didn't let go. I hung on!

Then Ojo came over and grabbed it from me and finished the job. (Okay, so I admit that she is useful... sometimes.)

We are a team!

And this wasn't any Rattie, but a big fat Rattie at that! After that Ojo caught another one all on her own, but it was a little one. Mine was bigger. So there.

Aren't I amazing??

UPDATE: Ojo caught another Rattie! We are now up to THREE Ratties today, and six in total this week!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

What mess? (by Ojo)

Hi hi hi! Ojo here!

Mess? What mess? I don't see any mess!


Monday, April 11, 2016

He was lost. Or on a grand adventure. Or both.

Our people found this Dog-friend wandering the neighbourhood. He was lost!

Or perhaps he was going on a big adventure! He was exploring all the yards, running back and forth across the road, peeing on plants, sniffing in gardens...

While that is a very grand adventure indeed, our people were worried. He did not have any tags on, and while our street is quiet it is only half a block to a busy road by the mall. The people put a collar and leash on him, and went up and down the street meeting all the neighbours trying to find his home. But no one knew who he was.

So he came to hang out in our Yard with us for while while our person made many phone calls. I was a perfect gentle-lady-dog to our guest, and in fact he was quite a gentleman too! But Ojo did not want to share our Yard or our people and she kept snapping at him. Our person decided that he couldn't stay with us, so someone from the City came to pick him up. They will check him for microchips, and hopefully he has one of those so he can find his people quickly!

Keep your paws crossed for our little friend!

(Do you see Ojo's face there, peeking over our littlest person's shoulder? Our friend was trying to help our littlest person with her math homework, but Ojo did not like this! It is HER job to help with the homework!)

(Finally out person brought out food and gave Ojo yummy treats for watching this little guy calmly, but he still couldn't stay with us... Ojo was too much of a grump! And that's usually MY job!)

UPDATE: This little guy's owner came by our house! She was also knocking on doors looking for him and the neighbours sent her to us! Our people gave her the number so she can get him back right away and he won't even have to spend a night away from her. And she was very relieved and happy that he was okay and not hurt or totally lost! Hurray!!

Sunday, April 10, 2016