Thursday, November 25, 2010

White world

This morning when I woke up the world looked like this.

My littlest person was very sad. She wanted to play in the snow, but she had to go to the place she calls "school". I felt the same. I did not want to get in the truck. I wanted to stay and play.

I like to sniff under the snow and dig with my paws. And I like this game.

But we only got to play for a little while before my people made me go in the truck. I was in the truck a lot today.

I am trying to be a Good Dog, really I am. But I also really wanted to play in the wonderful snow. In the middle of the day when Momma C took me back to the place where she does the thing called "work", I decided to go to the park instead. Momma C was not happy with this. I guess I am a Bad Dog again.

Why can't I just play in the snow?

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