Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sniffing Momma C

Today I had to find Momma C by sniffing.

A few confusing things happened. Once there was another dog. Another time a man-person walked past. His scent was freshest, so I started to follow him. But Momma B said "not there, over here", and kept pointing at the ground. Then I heard Momma C call my name in the bushes. This helped me remember, and I went and found her instead.

Momma C ran away with the treats four times. The last time Momma C ran away she hid in a really fun spot behind a big tree where deer sleep. I found her right away, and then I sniffed the deer and other animals too.

When I found Momma C she shared the treats. Beef and salmon again. Very tasty.

Afterward we went for a walk in the forest. I stayed close to Momma C so that she wouldn't sneak off again.

And then she played with me. That was fun too!

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