Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dear Jacobi

Dear Jacobi,

Don't worry, Santa Claus has time for all members of the family, even the four-legged ones.

It sounds like you have indeed been a good dog this year. The elves who were keeping an eye on the child in your house spotted you doing some good things. They saw you waiting quietly in your crate for your dinner, they noticed you behaving respectfully towards the cat named Jericho, and they caught you playing fun games with your family members.

I snuck a peek in Santa's office and your name is up at the top of the Good Dog List. To keep it up there, you should consider taking a break from chasing the cat named Jack. Also, perhaps you could try a little harder not to bark so much in the house when people are coming or going.

I'm sure we can make your Chrismtas wishes come true. As long as the bone is not from a reindeer I will be happy to deliver it. And I always love bringing toys to those that enjoy them. Perhaps something that squeaks?

Please ask your people to put out a carrot or some oats for me.

Reindeer kisses,

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