Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dear Rudolph

Dear Rudolph,

My littlest person wrote a letter to Santa. I'm not sure Santa has time for letters from dogs so I am writing to you instead.

This year I have been a Good Dog. I listen when my people ask me to do Sit, Lie Down, Stay, Wait and Leave It. I now go into my crate-den at night right away instead of trying to stay up later. I only ran away a few times, and that was only because I was trying to find my Momma B. I try to walk nicely beside my person instead of pulling on the leash. I don't chew things that aren't mine. I don't always understand what my people ask but I try my best to please them.

So I have been a Good Dog.

For Christmas I would like a bone, a new toy and snow to play in. And I would like my people to be near. That's the most important part.

I promise on Christmas eve I will go into my crate-den extra early and close my eyes. I will not growl or bark when you land on the roof. Remember, I am a Good Dog.


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