Monday, November 22, 2010

This is snow

This morning it was cold but dry. And then it wasn't. But the wetness wasn't rain. It was cold and white.

My friend Katy loved it - she played and played like a little puppy. I wasn't sure what to do.

And then I remembered. This is snow!

Deep inside my body, the part of me that gives me thick fur and a curly tail remembered what to do with snow. Oh yes!

I ran. I played. I dug. I rolled. I ate the snow. I sniffed the snow. I sniffed under the snow. I skidded. I chased snowballs. I ate snowballs.


Outside the wind is very strong and very cold. Inside it is warm. I go outside, I play, then I come in and get warm. And then I go out again.

Thank-you Rudolph. This is snow!

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