Friday, November 5, 2010

It must be Friday

Today we went to the beach. It must be Friday!

Momma C calls days like today "mooky days". This means that the sky is grey and it is raining. The rain was many little droplets that made my fur damp.

The beach was very quiet. I could hear dogs up top and I could smell where dogs had been earlier, but there were no other dogs or people that I could see with my eyes.

I am hiding. I bet you can't see me.

There is a little beach around the corner from the big beach. I like this little beach because it has many interesting things on it. Many walks ago I found a dead duck on this little beach. Last week I found duck poo, which smelled very nice on my body after I'd rolled in it.

Today I found something large and no longer alive. Momma B named it "seal". Momma B wouldn't let me stay to sniff it for very long. I tried to tell her that I wasn't going to roll on it - after all it was once very much like me. But she didn't believe me. She asked me do Leave It. So I did. I am Good Dog.

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