Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The magic dot

Tonight we went to the park. It was dark and cold. The moon was out. There were bits of snow on the ground. I sniffed and I dug and I sniffed some more.

And then the dot came out.

I ran and ran, and my fur got covered in snow. Cocoa and Charlie came. Cocoa wanted to chase the dot too, but she had to stay on her leash. I chased some more.

I always thought that the dot came from my person. But perhaps it is magic.

When we got home tonight my person went inside. I stayed in the yard. Suddenly the dot was there. I chased. The dot stopped. I looked around. No person. Then the dot started again. I think maybe my person asks it to come out and play, but sometimes it sneaks out on its own.

When the dot stopped and I went inside, Momma C did something funny to my toes. I wonder why Nature made tickles?

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