Thursday, November 11, 2010

Not a Friday

Today was a different sort of day. I went with Momma B this morning, but we didn't go to Dallas Road. We went to another little beach but we didn't stay long. The wind was very cold, even for me.

Yes, I am a Good Dog.
Then we drove, and after we parked I was left in the car for a long time. I sat and watched and waited. When my person came back I got out, met some people, saw some dogs but didn't get to play with them, had a funny harness put on me, then back in the car for another drive. Into a store, a big growly dog, more harnesses. My person put some different things in front of my nose. My favourite was knuckle bone, so she bought me that one. Back into the car with my knuckle bone.

My person told me that we were going to Thetis Lake, but then Nature decided to make rain. So we drove some more instead.

When we got out again we were at a different happy place. This place is called MurrayAndHeathers. There is fun grass to run on and rocks to climb and trees and squirrels and deer. The man-who-feeds gave me salmon. I played outside. I met some little dogs.

Now we are home and my knuckle bone is inside with me in my favourite chewing place. Today was clearly not a Friday, but it was still a good day.

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