Friday, November 26, 2010

Sniffing Day

Today was Sniffing Day again.

But before Sniffing I met a new friend. We were in the same forest as last week, only this time there was lots of snow on the ground. We found a dog named Keeper. Once again Keeper knew my person. How does my person know all these dogs that I've never met?

Keeper is a puppy, but she is a very polite puppy. We had a wonderful play.

And then something even better happened. Keeper's person and my person decided that we would all walk together! So we ran and sniffed and played all the way along the trail. I am the big dog, so I showed Keeper many things. She followed me around. I'm sure I was a good example for her.

Then it was time for Keeper to go. Very soon we found huge-black-intimidating-dog, whose name is Molly, and then we found Simon and his person too. When Leader came I had to wait in the car while Simon took a turn Sniffing.

Then it was my turn. I think I was supposed to be following Simon's person, but I didn't know why I should bother when I was next to my person and everything was fine.

Then Simon's person took our treat pouch. It was full of roast and salmon. So I had to go find her to get it back. Simon's person was very happy when I found her hiding behind a tree and shared things from the pouch. So I found her a few more times. I liked this.

I also liked the snow. It made the smell easy to follow. I only got lost a few times.

But I didn't like how my person covered my eyes while Simon's person snuck off with our treats. Hello - a little help protecting the treats here please! Also, I didn't like it when my person got too far behind me. When I am Sniffing, I like to have her closer. Leader told her to stick with me. This was good.

Leader says we need to practice.

The snow today was wonderful, but it is too warm and the snow is going away. More snow please!

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