Saturday, December 18, 2010

A very interesting day

Today was a boring day, then it was a fun day, and then it was a yummy day.

The day started off with most of my people leaving without me. I was forgotten at home with Momma C, who spent a long time playing with her truck. For some reason she was trying to make it smell less like me. Then the truck wouldn't go. More people came to look, and then it did go again.

We drove, and we got out at the place called MurrayAndHeathers. First I found Momma B's car, then I found my littlest person, and then finally I found Momma B hiding downstairs. I like this place. There was lots of food. Shrimp and cream cheese and salmon.

I went outside to play with Momma B and my littlest person. We played chase-catch-growl games, and then I went sniffing in the forest. I could smell deer, rats, mice, squirrels and raccoons. 

When we went back inside there was roast. Juice from the roast went on my dinner. This was very good.

Momma B wanted me to stay near her, but man-who-feeds kept going into the kitchen, so I kept following. And large pieces of meat kept falling from the sky. It is good to hang out near man-who-feeds.

After the roast went away, the people passed around boxes covered in paper. They made lots of happy noises. I lay on the floor. There was no box with paper for me.

Then the people all squished together in front of the tree. This one is a real tree, not one that smells like plastic. Although I'm not sure why it is inside. It too is covered in lights, balls that might be good to chase, and things that might be good to chew. I'm not sure why they did this squishing thing, but I tried to help. Move a little to the left there...

For some reason they asked me to go lie down on the rug again.

After they finished this squishing game we got into the car and came home. Now I am chewing on my raw hide bone. It was a very interesting day indeed.

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