Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

The other night my crate-den was made flat and then it disappeared. The next morning my people asked me to climb into the truck. There was very little space in the truck. I had to curl into a very small ball and put my head on the door handle. There was a lot of stuff in the truck.

We drove. We got on big-thing-on-water-that-vibrates-and-goes-up-and-down. When we got off, we found man-who-plays and my littlest person. We put my littlest person in the truck. She was also very squished. And then we started to drive. We drove for a long time.

Finally we stopped for a break for everyone to pee. Even me. And guess what? There was SNOW! I ran and played. Then we had to get in the truck again.

After a long time the truck parked. When we got out we were at the place called GrandmaAndGrandpas. And there was more snow!

This place is wonderful. There is snow to play in outside and warm places to sleep inside. The only problem is that there are lots of people coming and going. This makes me scared. I growl and bark. My people tell me that it's okay, and they tell me to stop. But I'm really not very sure.

Outside I run. I chase snowballs. I sniff under the snow. This is very much fun!

Whoo-hoo snow!

Now it is time for me to go to bed. My littlest person says that today is Christmas Eve, which means that Santa comes tonight. I told Rudolph that I would go to sleep early and not bark when he lands outside. I am a Good Dog.

Rudolph, come soon!

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