Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Good Puppy

Last night we visited Guinnie. Guinnie seems to have gotten quite large. Last time I saw her she was much smaller than me. Now she is much bigger. I'm not too sure about this.

Even though she is big, Guinnie is still quite young. I told her a few times that I am the older dog by showing my teeth or giving her a little growl. She listened quite well to me. Once we had all of that sorted out we had fun playing chase her little back yard. After, when all the dogs and people went inside, I showed her how a Good Dog behaves by lying quietly by my people.

Right now she is Good Puppy. Some day soon she will be Good Dog like me.

Today I went to the place called Brentwood with Momma C. I spent time sitting in the truck. I also got to run in the big field. Then we went back to "The Office". There was a lot of food there that smelled really yummy.

When it was almost time to go home, I heard someone come in the door. Katie barked, and then stopped barking, so I knew it was okay. I heard the people voices in the other room. Suddenly I realized that the new voice was familiar. I went out into the big room and there was Momma B! This was very exciting. After greeting her, I put myself between her and the door so she couldn't sneak out without me. But she didn't even try.

Now we are home and I am dozing while I wait for my dinner. Isn't it dinner time yet?

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