Friday, December 17, 2010

Sniffing and friends

Today we went back to the wonderful place with the lakes.

The ground was very funny when we first got there. It was cold and hard on top, but warmer and squishy underneath. This was strange to walk on. My person called this funny ground "frost".

Today was Friday Sniffing Day. It was the hardest sniffing ever. I had to cross a road, a field, and even some rocks.

The hardest part was the field. The wind had blown Simon's person's scent all over the place and I lost her track. It took me a while to find it again. Momma B helped, just a little. Although I'm not sure how she knew where Simon's person had walked. I know her nose is nowhere as good as mine.

Here is my friend Brodie. Brodie is big, but he's very gentle and friendly. I like to follow him around.

Here is Molly. She is even bigger than Brodie. I was okay with Molly today until she tried to play with me. She's really, really big. I got scared and made lots of barks. I think she's probably really nice, but I'm just not sure because she's so big and silly.

And here is Simon.

Simon had to find Molly's person. She was hiding behind a big building.

Hey, why are there no pictures of me? I worked really, really hard today. The hardest ever.

Oh well, you know how well I can sniff.

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