Friday, December 3, 2010

More sniffing

This morning started off like a normal Friday. I got in the car with Momma B and we dropped off my littlest person at the place she calls "school". But then we came home. This was very disappointing. What happened to our fun?

Eventually the fun came. We went to Mt. Doug. I ran in the forest. I met the dog named Mylie who I've played with at Dallas Road Beach. I met another dog called Murphy who liked to chase and play. Then I had to back in the car, and my person disappeared! Why does this keep happening these days?

After what felt like a very long time my person came back to get me. We found Simon's person, whose name is Trainer. We went for a little walk, and then Trainer took my bag of cheese and meat and ran away.

Aha! I know what this game is!

I pulled on my harness and leash and told my person to let me go. Eventually she did, and I went right away, very fast, to find Trainer. Of course Trainer was very pleased when I found her and gave me meat and cheese. I was very pleased too.

We did this three more times. The last time I found where Trainer turned around and went in a circle. I followed her path, and exactly her path, all the way to where she was in the bushes behind a big tree. I am very clever. More meat and cheese, please!

We walked back to the car, and out came Simon. I had a long run with Simon. But then Simon still had energy, and I was getting very tired from my walk and from all the sniffing. Trainer put Simon on a leash and tied him to a post. My person put me on a leash. (But it wasn't my leash, it belonged to some other dogs and also to Simon.)

Then we did a strange game. My person fed Simon, then she fed me. Then she fed Simon, then she fed me. I decided not to get worried about this since I was getting lots of good things to eat. And sometimes Trainer would surprise me with something tasty too.

Finally it was time to go home. I am very tired. I worked hard today!

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