Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Something horrible, something wonderful and something Christmas

Last night something horrible happened. My person made me have a bath. I don't like this because the sound is funny in the bathtub, and because I don't like getting my fur all wet. Afterward I was fluffy and damp all night. And I smelled like funny doggy shampoo. This was all very upsetting.

This morning something wonderful happened. We went to Dallas Road Beach. The water was very high and the waves were very large. The wind was quiet and the sun was out, so it felt very warm. I got spray on my fur from the waves.

What do you mean I'm in the way? You want me to move over where?

Up above the beach I met a dog named Andie. She was the same age as me and the same size as me. We had a chase-wrestle-chase game. This was lots of fun.

I keep hearing the people say a word. This word is "Christmas". I'm not entirely sure what this word means, but I think it has something to do with the boxes wrapped in paper that used to be around a tube, and the thing that looks like a tree but smells like plastic. I wrote a letter to my friend Rudolph a little while ago because my littlest person says that it's important to convince Santa that I am a Good Dog. But I'm not sure what Santa, Good Dog, plastic-smell-tree and paper-wrap-box have to do with each other. And now my person tells me that I have found something else for Christmas in this photo. I wonder what it could be?

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