Friday, December 10, 2010

Mushy ground

Yesterday it rained. Today the sun came out. We visited a lake.

The ground all around the lake and in the forest was full of water. It was mushy and wet under my paws. Running was a bit hard because it was slippery, and because my paws stuck in the mud. Luckily I have four of them. My person found it harder than I did since she only has two paws on the ground.

Everything was dripping wet and full of water. The world smelled very interesting.

After our walk we went into different part of the forest. It was Sniffing Day. Today I followed Molly's person. Except first I had to wait. Molly's person walked off and I knew where she went, but I had to wait and wait and wait. I got very impatient. I made whine noises. Eventually, finally, I got to go. Then I found her very fast. I am very good at this.

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