Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Slippery surface

Today we got into the truck and drove. When we got out, the snow was very deep. Momma B put on my walking harness and leash and we went down to a very funny place. This place was a trail, but the trail was very, very slippery. My paws slid all over the place. My people put on funny shoes and then they slid very fast along the ice-trail. I ran beside Momma B. I learned that if I stayed in the snow on the edges it was less slippery.

After I learned what I was supposed to do, Momma C told Momma B to take off my leash and harness. So she did. I continued to run along beside Momma B. This was very fun. Momma B could actually keep up with me so we ran fast together.

My littlest person didn't like her fast-slide-shoes. She took them off and put on normal shoes. So then she was like me, slipping along on the ice-trail.

The ice-trail went around and around in circles. We did this many times. We also took breaks and I got to play-bounce in the snow. This was a fun adventure!

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