Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Where do people go when they're missing?

Both Momma C and my littlest person are missing. Momma B is still here, but everyone else is gone. Their smells are fading from the big-den-called-house, almost as if they were never here.

Where do people go when they're "missing"?

Do they still exist? Are they out there somewhere else, leaving their scent for other dogs to sniff?

Or do they just disappear, and then reappear one day?

What fills the empty space when they go?

And most important of all, do they miss their dogs when they're gone?


Sheba. said...

Lovely dog. Great photos thanks for sharing.

garthriley said...

Excellent question and I've always wondered about it too. Mom and dad say they go to a place called "work", which they assure me is no fun at all so I'm not missing out, but if it's no fun, why do they spend so much time there?

But this I know, they DO miss us.


Gryphinn said...

Dear Garth,
I have been to Work. It is indeed the most boring place ever. Except that sometimes there is food. I do not know why they spend so much time their either...