Saturday, June 9, 2012

Important errands

This morning I helped my person do "Errands".

First we did something called "Recycling". This is where I sit in the car while Momma B carries around bags stuffed with plastic that smells like stale food. Other people that I don't know take these bags from her and put them in bigger bags. They seem very happy to get this Recycling from us, so I guess this is a good thing.

Next we did a very important Errand.

This errand is called "Walk Dog". Or in this case, "run with dog in a big field with Ball".

This was a very tiring Errand. We had to take many rests.

Momma B hung out with me in grass. The grass was wonderfully damp and cool and full of good smells. I'm not sure why she didn't spend more time smelling. But she seemed to prefer to play with her big-black-agressive-eye, and also with my Ball. People are funny that way.

Then, just because we still had some time, we went in search of another Errand.

I found one for us. It was also very important. It was called Chew Stick.

Some other dog forgot their stick in the grass here. It was only half eaten. I had to help finish it.

This was a very big job, but I am always happy to help. I am a Good Dog!