Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Juno and the park

Tonight we went to my Park. Juno was there.

I love chasing Juno. She doesn't mind me chasing because I never steal her ball. Her job is Fetch, mine is Chase.

I love it when Juno is at the Park!


Albie said...

My name is Albion and I'm a cockapoo. I also don't like to fetch. Sometimes I do it, just because my people take my toy and throw it. I want to carry my toy, but not share it. I love the chase game too and maybe someday we will be at the same dog park and can chase each other.

Gryphinn said...

Woofs Albie! Sometimes I like carrying my toys too. Sometimes I even like doing games of keep-away with my people! But I am like you. I do not like to fetch. Like you said, maybe one day we will meet and have a game of chase. I love chase.


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