Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ratties and jumping and Simon - oh my!

Today was a very happy day.

First of all I got to stay home with Momma B. She was being pretty boring because she just sat at the table all day and stared at a little glowing screen.

But I know how to have fun. I spent most of the day outside watching the ratties!

Then I had Dinner. After dinner we got in Car. When Car stopped we were at a very big field. I played with a little puppy for a while until he got annoying. Then Momma B took me to my own field where we played with Ball.

And then suddenly I became aware of something. Something awesome. I ran as fast as I could...

...and Simon was there!

We met each other with crash-run-play-chase-wrestle. We got to do that for a little bit, then I had to wait in Car while Momma B played with other dogs. I was Good Dog in Car and so after a while I got to come out again. And now there was fun stuff to play on in the field!

I did Jump. I did Tunnel. I did Teeter. Then I did figure-eight-jump. Then I did tunnel-jump-tunnel!

This was very much fun.

Then I sat and watched Simon for a bit.

He is very fast. He was beautiful to watch.

But I really wanted to go chase him. I made big whine-bark-whine noises, and then suddenly I was in Car again.

But that was okay. It wasn't for long, and then I got to come out again, and then Simon and I played!

This is a good way to spend the evening. Can we do this again tomorrow night Momma B?


garthriley said...

Hi Jacobi,

I have awarded you the Sunshine Award!

your pal,

Sheba. said...

I have just gave you an award. You can check it out here.