Monday, June 25, 2012

Sunshine Blog Award

Two dogs gave me the Sunshine Blog Award!

Thank-you Garth Riley (trick dog philosopher!) and Sheba!

There are three rules for the Sunshine Award:
1. Answer 7 questions
2. Pass it on to ten people
3. Let them know they received the award.

1) What is your favourite number?
One because I have one nose, and because there is only one me!

2) Favourite non alcoholic beverage?
Water. That's all the people let me drink. Oh, and milk sometimes too.

3) Facebook or Twitter?
I do not know these things of which you speak. Do they go to the Dog Park?

4) What is your favourite passion?
Chasing dogs who are running.

5) What is your favourite pattern?
The sun on the floor that I can sleep in.

6) What is your favourite day of the week?
The days which I do not go to Office and instead stay home with my people.

7) What is your favourite flower
Flowers smell yucky. I like stinky things better like dead things or pee markings from other dogs.

Now I have to pass on the award to ten other blogs. I don't know if I can count that high (unless there are treats), so Momma B will help me.

Blog by a Dog (by Jasper)
The Life and Times of Charlemagne
From Sophie's View 
Nikkos' Journey 
My Rescue Story (by Muppet)
Oswald Dog Park (my PARK! and my doggy friends)


jessej said...

congratulations cobi, woofs to you. i really like your blog!!!! my friend Garth was right - you're gorgeous!!

sophie...^5 said...

What a sweetheart you are...the Sunshine Award is perfect for us in our world right are the best and I'm so happy you've been following me...Cheers Sophie Doodle!

jessej said...

Hi margeaux, from a journey, and jesse, from berner tails, we have just awarded you the “very inspiring blog” award because your blog always bringing inspiration into M’s and my life!! Thank you for all your great postings and pictures. Pick up your award – just copy the award picture and place it on the sidebar of your blog— (p.s. if you don’t want to pass it on, that’s okay we understand – we almost didn’t, but you deserve the award!)

garthriley said...

Hi Jacobi!

Your responses made me laugh! I love playing chase with other dogs too!

your pal,