Friday, June 15, 2012

Best place in the world

I am a lucky dog. I live in the best place in the whole world.

Today Momma B asked me if I wanted to go to Beach or to Forest. It didn't matter to me, so she took me to Mt. Doug.

Look how great it is!

Rocks to climb, grasses and trees to sniff, and waaaay over there is the beach. My nose caught whiffs of beach and salt water, even from the top of the mountain.

In the forest, something amazing happened. I was walking with Momma B being a Good Dog and all of a sudden - Simon was there!

We hung out together for a little while.

Oh, and dog-friend Dixie was there too!

Then some big dogs came along. Simon smells so wonderful to me, but for some reason one of the big dogs didn't like how he smells. Simon got a bit scared and so his person (whose name is Trainer) said "Let's go" and they went away.

Momma B made me walk in the opposite direction. This was very sad.

For the next little while I could smell where Simon had been, but his trail was going in the opposite direction. I kept turning around and asking Momma B if we could go find him again. My nose is good, I could have told her exactly where he went to. But she wouldn't let me.

After a while I couldn't smell Simon anymore and I forgot about him. And then we climbed one of the mountains. Climbing is one of my favourite things!

 Here is Momma B.

I'm not sure if she has that wrinkle on her forehead because she her nose isn't as good as mine and she has trouble smelling the wonderful things in the breeze, or if it's because she was annoyed because my face kept getting in the way of her big-black-eye.

I can't help it! I just always want to see what she is doing!

But she never gets mad at me. And she's always happy to be out in this wonderful place, just like I am!

We really do live in the best place in the world!


Kingslandkennels said...

Nice blog!and nice pictures!!!
Thanks for sharing...

garthriley said...

Wow! Beautiful! I love the mountains and the ocean too, but here they are not so close together. To get to the mountains, we have to drive a couple hours west and to get to the ocean, we have to drive a couple hours east -- which I suppose isn't too bag. I love hiking too, and we can do a lot of hiking nearby, so we live in a nice place too -- but where you live DOES look like the best place in the world!