Sunday, June 3, 2012

Everybody and Their Dog Walk

Today we went to the Everybody and Their Dog Walk.
Everydog and Their People were there.

This was much better than previous times.

Last year Nature was making rain-wind-cold. I was mud-dog. There was even too much rain for me, and Momma B and I decided to leave as soon as we could.

Two years ago I had to go on the Walk without Momma B. This was very upsetting. I ran away from Momma C because it's no good when our family isn't together. I ran back a long long way to find Momma B. Momma C felt very worried when she thought I was lost, and then the people called me Bad Dog.

Three years ago Nature was making Hot. I went in a Tricks contest with Momma B and we won third place for me doing Weave between her legs. That was kind of fun, but then I ate the toy they gave me for being such a clever dog and then I was Bad Dog again. Also there was a very large brown furry thing called "mascot" that kept chasing me around. Mascot was very scary and I had to make big barks to defend myself.

This year was better. Nature was making wind-clouds-sun. It was not too cold for the people, not too hot for me. There was a spot just for us. Momma B asked me to do Down and I did and I stayed there beside her. She fed me food and I was Good Dog.

Then suddenly I found Momma C and my littlest person! This was very exciting because I thought we had left them at home.

We all went on a long walk together with many other people and dogs. My littlest person got tired, so Momma B and I went ahead to find her something to eat and to get back to our chair and our patch of grass.

When we got back I discovered all sorts of amazing things had happened while I was gone.

First of all, person-who-sometimes-stays-and-takes-me-on-fun-walks was there! She is very calm and gives me lots of yummy food and takes me to lots of fun places. I was very happy to see her and I did body-wiggle against her legs.

And then something even more amazing... Simon had appeared while I was gone!

We did run-chase-play until the people decided that we were going to knock over one of their funny things called "tents". Then Simon had to go back into his crate-den and I had to do Down beside Momma B. My littlest person came and sat with me.

I was mostly Good Dog after that, and so after a while Simon and I were allowed to go play together in the big empty space. This was so much fun!

This person is also named Trainer. Momma B asked her to do Pose for the Camera, so naturally I helped. I am good at doing Pose!

Now I am very, very tired. I think I will sleep until tomorrow. Or maybe just until Dinner...