Friday, February 25, 2011

Not Sniffing Day

Today is Friday but it is not Sniffing Day. Leader says the wind is too strong and we will get confused.

This morning I went to the park with my person. Then later we picked up woman-who-visits-lots-and-walks-in-forest. We went together to Mt. Doug. There was much snow under the trees, and many interesting smells to dig up. I enjoyed this very much.

Here is a puppy I met this morning. His name is Kona. He knew my person and snuggled up to her for petting. How does my person know all these puppies?

Kona is very big but he is also polite. We had a fun chase game in the snow.

Time for a snow-eating break!

Here are more friends. Excuse me, but the rest of us are sniffing the ground under the snow. What are you sniffing little one?

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