Friday, February 11, 2011

Beaches, forests and how my person keeps leaving me

Today I went several places.

Our first stop was Dallas Road Beach.

We didn't stay there for very long.

We made some stops where I had to stay in the car and my person got out and did... something. And then she came back again.

Then we went to the Sniffing Forest. I had fun running and exploring and climbing.

Look at me! I climbed up high.

Then my person asked me to go back into the car and then she shut the door and then she left.

Usually I am okay with this, but today I was not. I felt sad and worried. I made lots of whining and yelping noises. She didn't hear me, so I made them louder. Finally (it felt like a long time to me, although my person said it was "only two minutes"), she came back.

Molly and her person came, and then Simon and his person came, and then Sniff Leader was there too. I got to come out of the car first and do a Sniffing exercise with my person. My silly person kept dropping things and I had to find them. Can people really not see or smell that well?

Then my person put me back into the car and left. Once again I felt very worried. Maybe the weather was funny, or maybe she left me last week for a long time with Raven's people, or maybe it was something else. I'm not sure, but I was very, very worried. I made lots of yelps and whines, and when she didn't come back I made them louder and louder and louder...

Finally she did come back and she let me out. I was still feeling very stressed and worried, and whines kept coming out of my mouth even when we were outside together. Momma B, why do you keep leaving me???

I was asked to find dropped things again, but I couldn't concentrate. I was too worried. And then I had to go back in the car AGAIN! Oh no!

Things kept getting worse and worse and I couldn't focus and it was overwhelming and I felt worried and I felt stressed and I didn't know what I was supposed to do and things were confusing and I was overwhelmed and I was worried and... whew.

Today was not a good Sniffing Day.

My person tells me that Simon and Molly had troubles today too. Maybe it is how heavy the air feels. Nature is about to change the weather to rain and I can feel it. Perhaps that is the trouble.

I was glad when we were finished and it was time to go home. Now I am going to go to sleep until the rain starts.

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