Monday, February 7, 2011

Fussy people

I am home.

I had fun with Raven and her people. I think I would like to be with Raven forever. We have a new game. I pick up a ball and run away and Raven chases me. Then I give the ball to Raven and she gets to hold it and run and I get to chase. Then it's my turn again. We like this game. We play this game with a stick also.

I wish my people and Raven's people lived together so I could be with Raven all the time.

This afternoon I was happy to see my people, but sad to leave Raven.

When my people came I had to squish in the truck on the floor between Momma B's legs. Why is there no space for me?

My people say I smell yucky. I found something wonderful to roll in earlier today. Why don't they like it?

Also, the dinner that I ate tonight came back out of my mouth into my bed. For some reason my people took it away. I'm not sure why. It was perfectly fine. And now I'm hungry.

People are so fussy.

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