Thursday, February 24, 2011

Big cold wind

Today Nature made a big cold wind.

Today was also a different sort of day. First thing in the morning I played outside with my person. She threw balls made of snow for me to chase. Then all the people left and I had to stay behind. But at least I had a very large, very smelly, very tasty bone.

After a while man-who-plays came home. We had a short walk but I didn't get to run and play at all, just sniff things. Then he left again and I went back to my bone. The cat named Jericho pooed on the place where my people sleep. She is mad because her person is missing. I poked it with my nose but I decided not to help clean it up.

Finally everyone came home. Well, by everyone I mean Momma B, my littlest person and man-who-plays. Momma C has been missing for a few days. I wonder where she is?

Man-who-plays was making yummy smells in the kitchen, and so my person took me to the park.

The places where we had to walk to get to the park were covered in slippery ice. Also there is something else on the ground that stings my toes. Momma B tells me this is salt.

At the park it was very cold. There was lots of snow. The big wind that Nature was making had blown the snow all over the place. In some spots it was deeper than my chest. In other spots I could see the grass.

At the park I played and ran and sniffed. I am glad I have thick fur.

Some friends came. We played chase in the snow. This was very much fun.

Then it was time to go home. I didn't mind. Even though my fur is thick and warm, the wind was still making me cold.

After dinner everyone left me again. I cleaned out the rest of my bone. I didn't mind resting after all of that running and playing in the snow.

Now everyone is home again, except for Momma C who is still missing. I am going to go have a nap in my bed by the thing that makes heat.

I wonder what tomorrow is going to be like?

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