Friday, February 18, 2011

You dropped this

Today was Sniffing Day! We haven't had a real Sniffing Day in a long time.

But first I went into the forest with my person for a walk. Well, my person walked. I ran and jumped and sniffed and ran. My person was worried that it was supposed to be rain-snow-wind-cold today, but it was not. It was a perfect day.

Then it was time to work. Sniffing started off a bit hard. The person I was supposed to find had walked on something my person called "boardwalk". This was hard and slippery and made out of wood. The wind had pushed most of the smell somewhere else.

Also for some reason I was having a hard time concentrating. I really wanted to work, but I just couldn't.

Then four loud, fast, bouncing dogs came. My person called them "sheltie". The people had me sit off the track while these loud dogs went past with their people. My person pet my fur softly. When they were finally gone Leader gave me the smell again and I was asked to get back to work.

I did... But I was still having a hard time concentrating for some reason.

And then I found a good spot.
I peed.

Then I could concentrate.

I moved fast and I found the missing person. He was pleased to see me and gave me food. Then my person played with me with a stick. Then all the people said how clever I was and made happy noises. I made a happy dance. I am very clever.

There is another game my person likes to play right now. She dropped this thing. I found it. Treat please.

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