Sunday, February 20, 2011

I get you, ball!

I found this. Again. Treat please.

Last night I got two bones. First my person gave me one. Then I made a sad face for man-who-plays, and he gave me one too. I love bones. I am still finishing the second one today.

Today was Dallas Road day. First I found a friend to run with. This friend's name is Simon. But he's not Simon-who-Tracks-whose-person-is-Trainer. This is a different Simon.

Then my person found something fun. It was very stinky and muddy. It rolled and bounced when my person kicked it.

Here I am carrying the stinky, muddy ball. I didn't like this ball in my mouth very much because it was too muddy. But I liked to carry it a bit. And if I happened to carry it near my person and drop it by her feet, this is just a coincidence. Remember - I do not fetch.

I had lots of fun with Ball today.

Rawr! I get you, ball!!

Yay fun!

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