Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sunset at the park

The past few days have been very pleasing. I have spent much time on the place called Farm. On the farm I get to run. I get to chase dog-friend Buddha. I get to roll in the wet grass.

One upsetting thing happened yesterday on the farm. Momma C got into a truck and the truck started to drive away. I was supposed to run after the truck. Momma C told me "that's what farm dogs do". The people must have forgotten that I am not a farm dog. I ran and ran and ran so that Momma C wouldn't leave me behind. Afterwards I was very tired.

Tonight I went to my park. The sun was going to bed and was making pretty colours in the sky.

And then the sun was gone.

I had a fabulous time. I rolled. I sniffed. I met some dogs. I sniffed more. Whisky came and I chased. Then I sniffed even more. I love the park.

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