Friday, October 15, 2010

Another Beach Friday

The day the people call "Friday" seems to be a beach day. I like Friday.

My person wants to put these photos in first. She says this will "set the scene". If you are bored with these photos, skip down to the photos of me. Those are far more interesting.

Okay, boring stuff done. Now for the good stuff.

We went a long ways around the beach this morning, the farthest ever. Do you see me?

My person says I look like a husky when I do this. What's a husky?

Have I said that I like to climb?
No Momma B, I am Dog, not Mountain Goat.

On the way home from our beach walk, something scary happened. We went to a place called Car Wash. Big scary tentacles attacked our car and shook it back and forth. I think maybe it was a monster trying to get inside to eat us. My person was trying to keep it out. She was holding a towel to her window, but still drool from the monster's mouth was coming inside. I did not like this at all.

But we escaped. Now we are home. Wait, my person is putting her shoes on again. Where are we going now?

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