Sunday, October 17, 2010


This morning was mostly boring. I spent much time in the house, sleeping in my crate-den.

In the middle of the day, amazing smells started to come out of the oven.

Last time I smelled this I stayed very close and made lots of whining noises to let my person know that I could smell this wonderful thing. My person didn't like this. I got sent to another room. I didn't get to share any of this wonderful smell.

So this time I was very quiet. I was GoodDog. I lay in my crate. I waited. And it worked! The oven door opened. The things that were making the wonderful smell came out. They were BONES! Bones from a cow, cooked, just for me. My person gave me one. It was still warm. It was very wonderful.

Later in the day we went to our park. I met a new dog. She liked to chase a ball. She was very, very fast. I ran with her a few times, then I couldn't keep up any more. Maybe Vet was right. Maybe I have too much weight on me.

The day was very sunny. My person says we are lucky, that usually it is very rainy by now. I am happy that it is sunny. The chickens are happy too. They like to scratch in the ground, especially where Momma C has put hay.

Now I will go back to my bone.

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