Friday, October 1, 2010

Beaches, duck and baths

This morning we went to the beach called Dallas Road. I don't know why the beach is called a road. Cars don't drive on it. But even though it has a funny name it is still one of my favourite places.

It was crisp enough that I could see fog when I breathed, but the sun was warm on my fur.

Both of these things were once part of a tree. Now they are "log" and "stick".

We walked for a long time. In the logs I found a dead duck. I rolled on it. I thought I smelled very nice. My person must have thought so too because she rubbed at my fur, and then she also smelled like dead duck. I don't mind sharing.

Then my person rubbed ocean water on my fur, and then I smelled like dead duck and seaweed. I was very pleased.

Here is my reflection in the sand.

The beach was nice. The sun was nice. The air was nice. It was a very happy place to be.

After our beach walk we went up top where there is grass and pavement. I played with some dogs. By the time we got home the sun was almost all the way up in the sky.

After all this fun I was ready to have a nap in my bed. But then something horrible happened. This very bad thing that happened is called "bath". Now I smell like yucky dog shampoo. Now my fur is fluffy. This is very embarrassing. I'm going to go lie down now. Yuck.

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