Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mt. Doug and chicken stew

Today my person took me to Mt. Doug. She was hoping to take pictures of yellow leaves on the ground, but most of the leaves were still on the trees. I guess the forest thought it was summer again with all the sun last week.

We took a new trail to look for leaves. It was lots of fun exploring and finding new things. I even found a big dog called Doberman in the bushes! We played.

My person is much slower than me. Especially when she has that big black eye called "camera" attached to her face. So I go forward and back and forward and back again while I wait for her to catch up. I climb and I sniff and I poke things with my nose. I like to walk on logs. My balance is most excellent.

What's taking you so long?

Hello... Is anyone down there?

This was one of the best things I found. It smelled very interesting, and the water was clear and tasty.

However, something embarrassing happened. My balance is not most excellent when the log is wet. I slipped. My paws turned a different colour.

What are these funny things?

For dinner tonight there was chicken cooked in a big pot with funny vegetables. I sat by the table and asked politely if I could share. But no chicken came to my mouth. The people asked me to wait in my crate-den. I had just about given up when a bowl with some of the chicken sauce landed on the floor by my dish. It was very tasty. Even the funny round green things called "peas" were tasty when soaked in chicken sauce. More chicken sauce please!

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